I love referrals! A referral can be a win-win for all parties involved. They not only benefit me as a realtor but they also help my customers — no matter where they live.

I don’t think most people understand how referrals work. Everyone loves to save money and I believe folks are sometimes reluctant to give my contact information to someone else because they think it will cost that person money to do so.

Here’s actually how a referral works. Recently, my niece contacted me and said she was looking for a new home and needed a realtor. She lives 800 miles from me.

What I did for her was to research agents in her area. I made a list of potential realtors. I then called them and interviewed them. I sent my recommendations to her and she then contacted the realtors.

After speaking with them, she selected the one she wanted to work with and let me know who she chose. I then sent that realtor a referral agreement.

The referral agreement is a contract between two real estate companies and basically says that the selling agent (my niece’s new realtor) agrees to give the referring agent (me) a portion of his/her commission from the transaction involving my niece.

This didn’t cost my niece anything. My check came out of the other agent’s commission. Had I not referred my niece her agent would have received the entire commission. He/she would not have reduced their commission. When my niece closed on her new house the title company in her town sent me a check.

Most realtors are happy to do this because a portion of a commission is better than no commission at all. And, don’t forget, the agent who worked with my niece would never have worked with her without me contacting the agent in the first place.

Referrals work the same way if you’re buying or selling. My referral fee is paid by the other agent’s company.

A referral is really a great deal for anyone. I do the initial work for you, finding agents that specialize in a particular area, are buyer’s/seller’s agents, etc. I interview them and screen them before I send their contact information along to you. Even with my experience and training I can still miss on my suggestions but that is more a product of how well the person gets along with the agent rather than the qualifications of the agents I refer.

So let’s re-cap.

1. I can find you or anyone else a realtor no matter where you/they live.

2. I will do the screening and interviewing and give you a list of 3-4 agents to contact.

3. You pick the agent with whom you are most comfortable.

4. It doesn’t cost you anything.

5. What are you waiting for? Contact me today and let me help you.

Remember, if you or someone you know is buying or selling property, no matter where you or they live, please contact me. I can help you and it won’t cost you anything.