Whether you are buying a home, selling your current home or selling and buying there are a lot of benefits to working with me.

I have chosen to make people my priority instead of numbers. For some Realtors it's all about THEM and their egos. You've seen the ads proclaiming them to be "the best," "#1," "top this or top that." Numbers, numbers, numbers are all they care about.

The real estate transaction is complicated. There are multiple steps. There are many possible pitfalls.

How can one person give you the attention and diligence you deserve when they are working with 20 other people?

Where do you think you'll be on their list if you're not buying or selling the most expensive property?

When you choose to work with me the only #1 in the equation is YOU.


How YOU will benefit by using me as your Realtor.

  • You will benefit from my years of experience in sales, marketing, project management and team leadership which are invaluable if a problem arises.
  • You will benefit from my work style and personality. I'm a great listener and understand how to address concerns.
  • You will benefit from my ability to focus on you, your family, and your needs instead of numbers. I don't sell the most but I strive to be the best.
  • You will benefit from the trust and respect my peers have given me by electing me as President-elect of the Pensacola Association of Realtors and to the Pensacola Association of Realtors Board of Directors. I also serve on the Florida Realtors Board of Directors.
  • You will benefit from my commitment to customer service.
  • You will benefit from my team of experts in lending, title, inspections, insurance, appraisals and more.
  • You will benefit by having a trusted adviser (me) on your team.


For Buyers

Your home is probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy. I understand what it's like to move to Pensacola from another area. I can relate to the hassle of trying to find a home in a new city. I have had to look for a place in my new hometown while juggling packing and the hassle of selling my current residence. Even folks who are already in the area but are moving to a new home experience that same type of pressure.

I feel your pain.I have been there. Let me help.

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For Sellers

Selling your home is a lot more involved than putting a sign in your yard or posting it on the Internet. There are disclosures, inspections, contracts, addendum (one for all the letters in the alphabet plus more), buyer financing, taxes, deadlines, RESPA, flood zones, lead based paint, Chinese drywall, stucco, mold, termites and more to address.

For more information ask for a free Home Seller’s Guide